Global Force Total Impact Nonstop Action Wrestling (Skirt Skirt)

This time on Your Taste we seek to avoid skirting all responsibility as Garrett and Trask talk all about the premiere wonderful form of wholesome pro wrestling content that is Global Force Total Impact Nonstop Action Wrestling – whatever it’s called now.

We bow to the owl. The owl is our leader. He will pluck out your eyes like Goneril from King Lear (that’s a literary reference to make us look all classy and stuff). It takes us like six minutes to talk about wrestling but that’s the whole point of this, isn’t it? Also discussed – Shane McMahon action figures, Davey Richards’ medical future, a thrilling guess the WCW figure game, the nature of podcasts and who Vince follows on Twitter, and Trask basically absorbing Garrett’s TNA fandom. Plus some OTT, AAW, and Wrestle-1 (you’re welcome Liam).

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