Nigel the Neglected Bird, Tide Pauls, PLANS

Nigel the Neglected Bird is a pedophile within his community, says a Twitter expert. We had to tackle the evergreen trends of people doing stupid shit — Tide Pods and the other Paul brother being in the shameful spotlight since our last episode. Not only do we have a new intro, but we actually provided PLANS?! We look ahead to our disgustingly disorganized future full of dissonance.

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Wikipedia Roulette – S1:E1

There are more than 27 billion words in 40 million articles in 293 languages across all of Wikipedia – 5.4m articles in English alone. On a quest to explore the wackiest far reaches of Wikipedia and expand our minds we’re just gonna hit random and see where we go. Join us on a weird odyssey through the bowels of Wikipedia to see what we find! Didgeridoos, obscure sports teams and gun runs abound!

This is S1:E1 of Wikipedia Roulette – An Educational Game Show, hosted by Trask and Garrett of Your Taste is My Taste. Joining them is Marcus of Wrestling With Games.

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